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Pin-up Girls: the second wave (Solo Exhibition - 27th June 2019)

It is evident from my work that I have always loved pin-ups (for more info on what pin-up and Pin-up Girls are please check here at Wikipedia and since 2010 I have been photographing Pinup-Girls extensively, greatly affected by the style and aesthetics of Gil Elvgren ( wikipedia link ), with a single-colour backdrop and the minimal amount of props. I have always strived for them to be as non-explicit as possible but still have an air of eroticism and playfulness, although I am aware that there have been some very explicit pin-ups in history.
So, three years after my first solo pin-up exhibition I decided to have a second one as well. There were two main reasons behind my decision.

  • First of all, since the first exhibition I switched styles and I shot extensively pinup girls in real world locations (instead of shooting them against single-color-backgrounds). I also employed the assistance of clothes stylists in some of my shots, instead of solely relying on the models' or my own collection of clothes.
  • Second reason was that an opportunity arose to showcase my work in a most fitting environment at the wonderful Athens Retro Festival. There, it would be shown alongside similar works of art and craft and would be enjoyed by people that actually love vintage and retro art.

Regarding how the photos were chosen and exhibited, since this festival had a "theme", I only chose my vintage pinups, thus making for a more coherent exhibition than my first one which was a retrospective one.
And since Pin-ups are meant to be "pinned up on the walls" in the first place, we chose with the organizers to not showcase them in frames but have them printed in photographic paper and stick them up the walls of my booth! Below is the reasoning that led to my final choices, containing all the photos that were exhibited in their final crop and edit.

Chapter I: Choice of photos

1. The large ones

First off I knew that I wanted my latest ones that were shot in real-world locations to be prominent and thus chose to have them printed in 50x75cm size. These were pinups with Makaria (motorbike), Maria Stathopoulou (car mechanic) and the wonderful Ellie Rousou (all the rest).

Pinup: Late Snack with Ellie Rousou Pinup: Vintage Boudoir with Ellie Rousou Pinup: Housewife in Yellow with Ellie Rousou Pinup: Workshop with Ellie Rousou Pinup: At the Hairdresser with Ellie Rousou Pinup: Motorcycle Rider with Ellie Rousou Pinup: Car Mechanic with Ellie Rousou

2. The old ones

From the original exhition I only kept the ones that were the most vintage and non-repetitive. I had to leave 2 or 3 out due to space limitations, but overall I am quite happy with the selection which included the following:

Pinup: Coca Cola with Angelina Pinup: Operator with Eleni Pinup: Travel with Irene Astral Pinup: Summer with Irene Astral Pinup: Jukebox with Irene Astral Pinup: Motorcycle with Irene Astral Pinup: Cupcakes with Irene Astral and Fanny Pinup: Housewife with Elina Pinup: Housewife with MArie Pinup: Summer with Eve Estenzia Pinup: Lingerie/Wigs with Evi

3. The new ones

Finally I printed some more of my latest pinups (plus some new selections from older ones), at the same size as the ones reused from the first exhibition (30x45cm). These were the following:

Pinup: Zatanna Magician with Ailiroy Pinup: Navy with Clair De Lune Cosplay Pinup: Working Girl with Reggina Pinup: Working Girl with Reggina Pinup: Holidays with Dimitra T. Pinup: Holidays with Dimitra T. Pinup: Beach with Stella T. Pinup: Hot Day with Ellie Rousou Pinup: Rock with Irene Astral

Chapter II: Exhibition setup & attendance

The only question this time, as there was only one continuous wall, was which photos to go on which parts of the wall. Along with my partner and model Ailiroy, we decided to put up the largest ones in key spots so that they will 'catch the eye' of passers-by and then put the small ones in between them, according to color continuity or theme:
Below you can see how we set it up and a few photos from people looking at it and models that came by:

The Memo/Bio sign of the exhibition Final Setup of most of the Exhibition Me and Ailiroy after setting up the exhibition Some of the people attending my exhibition Some of the people attending my exhibition Some of the people attending my exhibition Models next to their photos: Eleni Models next to their photos: Reggina Models next to their photos: Ailiroy

Chapter III: The Exhibition

Thanks to anyone who attended my exhibition! Hopefully you liked it! For the rest of you, here's the video of the setup of my exhibition, featuring all the photos that took part in it, plus me.