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This is another project, that took off from an existing idea and transformed into something completely different along the way. The starting photo was to perform a kind of tribute to the "Silent Hill" videogame, by creating and shooting my own original "monster" for it, the Keymaster and the iconic Nurse.
Each creature of the Dementia world had a "normal" existensce once, but fell into madness and rage after a certain event happened. Also, each has its own 'totem', an item that they are obsessed with and can't be without.
Shot between 2011 & 2015 and Finally edited in 2019 & 2020, after many re-edits. The final result is meant to approximate the "Dark/Distored World" of the "Silent Hill" games, full of rust and disturbing colours.
Finally, all models will remain anonymous since they have mostly abandoned the photo-modelling world since then.

The Project's Final Form

The final form of my project consists of one photo of each "Monster", featuring their precious 'totem' object prominently. There is also a story/lore associated with each of them. Please note that the description beneath the images is an the story/lore part of the project.


Below you can find some more photos from each individual shoot.

The Keymaster

The Keymaster lived during the World Wars of the 20th Century and was last seen during a chemical gas bombing. Her Totem is the key around her neck. Should you encounter her, make sure that she doesn't perceive you as a threat to her Key. She does not show any interest to outsiders, but is very defensive of it.

Fallen Nun

The Nun was burnt during a church fire. sometime in the 19th century. Disillusioned, she sought solace in another God. Her Totem is the ankh, symbol of her new faith. Her right eye is covered by her veil. If she unveils it, take cover from its gaze..

The Nurse

Not much is known about the Nurse. The only certainty is that now, instead of saving lives, she takes them. Her Totem is the syringue she uses to drain the life out of her victims. If you encounter her, run..!

The Mother

The Mother lost her only child in a horrible accident. Her only comfort is a doll which she believes is the reincarnation of her child. Her Totem is the doll-child. She will do anything to protect it. If you encounter her, be careful of her toxic breath.

The Office Lady

Being taken advantage of her ex-bosses in various ways, she finally snapped and killed them by stabbing them with a pen. Since she found herself in this world, the veins around her eyes have permanently swollen and they have been glowing occasionally. Her Totem is the murderous pen. Don't try to reason with her, as she is highly unstable and volatile.

The Cheerleader

Not much is known about the Cheerleader. She is believed to have been one in the real world as well. Now, she sits in the sidelines and cheers on the other creatures of this world with her flaming barbed-wire pom-poms. She only fights when absolutely necessary. Her Totems are the barbed-wire pom-poms. It is unknown how exactly she sets them on fire, maybe it's some kind of mystical power.

The Chained Menace

Another creature for which little is known of its past life. He was certainly a male biker, but other than nothing else is known. He mostly targets women, which seduces (much like the Assistant does to men) and corrupts them with the black substance that is now within him. His Totem is the helmet, which he never takes off.

The Pierrot

The Pierrot was a doll in 'real life' but became a 'real girl' in this world. Cutting off the ropes that bound and guided its every movement, now seeks vengeance by means of rope and scissors. Its Totem is the collection of scissors, which are used to dissect its victims.

The Geisha

This one appears to have been a Geisha in Feudal Japan, brutally murdered without honor. Now, she seeks vengeance on all men, often pretending to be a helpless woman, before her true intentions are revealed. Her Totem is the katana. Some say it is the one she was murdered with.

The Seer

The Seer's origins are unknown, some believe it comes from an Ancient Civilization, perhaps Greece or Babylon. It can not only see the past and the future with its crystal orb, but it can also use telekinesis and telepathy in short bursts. Her Totem is the glowing sphere/orb she uses to meditate.