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Steampunk Gotham Sirens

In this Steampunk and DC Comics crossover, based on actual DC comics, Ailiroy is Steampunk Catwoman, Abyss Arts & Crafts is Steampunk Poison Ivy and Aileen Autumn Cosplayer & Artist is Steampunk Harley Quinn, rounding up the original Gotham City Sirens cast. Achilleas Rizos' character is a Private Investigator tasked (alongside Batman of course) with finding and arresting the Sirens. His plan involves luring them with a big shiny diamond and arresting them on the act of stealing it! But not all goes according to plan, as can be seen in the photos. The Sirens overthrow it and get the diamond plus a hostage!
The photos were shot both in my home studio and the urban area around it and were enhanced in Photoshop with various stock images, both mine, public domain and bought online.