Short Movies made with cosplayers wearing their cosplay!

Cosplay Showcase Videos (2009-Now)

Videos with various cosplayers, showcasing their cosplay, but not "movie" videos, with plot etc. Just a "showcase"!

Lineage: Unexpected Alliance (2016)

Created in collaboration with Ailiroy & Rene Polumorfous, this short movie refers to the Lineage II video-game and shows the Unexpected Alliance between an Elf Moonlight Sentinel and a Dark-Elf Gatekeeper. The plot is as follows: the Sentinel asks for the Gatekeeper's help in order to teleport to a place where monsters are said to be appearing.
Makeup done by Xenia K.& Eve Estenzia.
We would also like to thank Gatrie G. for his assistance.

Graffiti Trouble (2017)

Created in collaboration with Galini Lin (as Graffiti Tracer) and AngieV Cosplay (as Officer DVa). Also, in partnership with Gatrie G on the VFX and co-editing.
This video is a fun take on the meeting between Officer DVa and Graffiti Tracer. As you'd expect it didn't go too well!

Exorcism of a Cosplayer (2012)

Created in collaboration with Ailiroy (as the possessed cosplayer) and the following cosplayers/larpers: Alex Antonakis as the Priest, Plane Shifting Art as the Seer, Dimitris Papadopoulos as the "Muscle Priest", AngieV Cosplay & Mat-Chan as the "Worbla Priestesses".
This video is a satire of many things that happen in the cosplay world, disguised in the Exorcism of a Cosplayer from the Demon 'Cosplay-iel'!