Short Cosplay Movies

Short Movies made with cosplayers wearing their cosplay!

Lineage II: Unexpected Alliance (2015)

Created in collaboration with Ailiroy & Rene Polumorfous this short movie refers to the Lineage II video-game and shows the Unexpected Alliance between an Elf Moonlight Sentinel and a Dark-Elf Gatekeeper. The plot is as follows: the Sentinel asks for the Gatekeeper's help in order to teleport to a place where monsters are said to be appearing.
Makeup done by Xenia K. & Eve Estenzia. We would also like to thank Gatrie G for his assistance.

The exorcism of a cosplayer (2017)

Created in collaboration with Ailiroy (as the possessed cosplayer) and the following cosplayers/larpers:
This video is a satire of many things that happen in the cosplay world, disguised in the Exorcism of a Cosplayer from the Demon 'Cosplay-iel'!