Cosplay Showcase

All the videos in this page are YouTube playlists. In order to see more press the lines on the upper left corner of the video.

2017 Showcase

Videos showcasing cosplay that I have shot, published in 2017. Highness Cosplay as Aoba from Dramatical Murder and Lorian Cosplay as Link from The Legend of Zelda shot and edited by me. Rene Polumorfous as Illidari shot and edited by Ailiroy

Ailiroy's Cameraman

Videos showcasing cosplay that I have shot as a cameraman, in collaboration with Ailiroy, sustituting her cosplay persona with a videographer one, starting in 2018. Contains: Plane Shifting Art as Senua from Ninja Theory's "Hellblade: Senua's Revenge" and Ailiroy herself as Kaileena from the Prince of Persia games.