Art Videos

Modolls, 2015 (Short Film)

This video was made as part of my "Human Products" art project, with Irene Astral. I would also like to thank the models Danai and Agapi for their participation.

Winter was coming (Art Video), 2012

My own view of the economic crisis in Athens, Greece. All videos were shot in the centre of Athens, during January 2012 and were put together in October 2012, after having enough time to reflect upon them and see them under a new perspective. This also led me to stray from my original purpose, which was to make a timeline-video, similar to "A Day in the Life".
This video was exhibited at the "Art Bank Project" exhibition held at Event Horizon (Orizontas Gegonoton) from 30th Nov to 8th Dec 2012).

Mid-Summer Athens Roads (Art Video), 2011

This video was made in the summer of 2011 as I wanted to match Vivaldi's "Four Seasons: Summer" (perhaps my most favourite Classical Music piece) to the empty Athens' streets and prove (to myself mostly) that Vivaldi's music still reflects Summer, even in an urban environment.

Escape (Short Film), 2009

A short film made for Athinorama and "Fog Films Festival" 2009. Filmed under the supervision of professional director Vardis Marinakis and montage done by Despina Kontargyris. It was screened at the finishing/award ceremony of the Festival.
Starring Christos Alatzidis with Music by AS11

ReFormat (Short Film), 2009

A movie by me and Andreas Papoulkas. A little bit about the plot: In the near future most of the world is controlled by the "Format" company conglomeration and most people work for its subsidiaries. Everyone is monitored 24/7 "for their own safety". Those who do best are rewarded with "the bonus", a legal hallucinogenic substance, produced by "Format". Those who "deviate" are reformatted, being publicly ridiculed in the process.