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This photographic project is a culmination of my trips around the world.
It consists of "small planets" and "crystal balls", of both everyday and exotic places. Both can be produced from 360 degrees panoramas, upon which the "Polar Transformation" is applied. Its purpose is to enable the viewer to travel to new worlds, but also to gain a new perspective of the places around him/her.

I have self-published a photobook with photos of this project, titled "Our Planet's Planets" which I distribute free-of-charge, with many of my best planets along with a few crystal balls.
You can download it here (158 MB)
Below you can find the content of the book above, along with some of the Planets and Crystal Balls that didn't make it in, plus Planets that were made after that as well! Below are sliders of images. You can slide left-right to see all, or click on any photo for the "Large Size Gallery".

Small Planets

Every moment in a space, constitutes a small planet: a culmination of everything around you at that particular moment is your own "universe" at the time. And this is what this project wants to showcase, apart from viewing the world from a new perspective.
Planets made after the book.

Planets in the book.

Planets that didn't make it in the book.

Crystal Balls

Crystal Ball is what happens when one applies the Planet Transformation to an enclosed space. I aesthetically love this image transformation, as it gives off a concentrated, claustrophobic feeling, which is to my liking.
Crystal Balls made after the book.

Crystal Balls in the book.

Crystal Balls that didn't make it in the book.