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I have created this series with the model Ailiroy . The "7 Deadly Sins" series is inspired by the theological Seven Deadly Sins. Our reasoning for creating this series of photos is described below:

Since ancient times, Sin had a woman’s guise: After the seduction of the First Woman from Evil, She -in turn- seduces humans with Her many faces. Through the everyday suppression of feelings and expression and the need to maintain the social status-quo, a different face for each negative expression surfaces, which -when let loose- leads to Sin.
With the above thoughts, we have proceeded to photographically re-create the “7 Deadly Sins”, all with one woman’s face, in different manifestations of her inner desires, pushed to extreme from the society that She finds Herself in. The list we used, and the idea behind each photo specifically, is as follows:
  • Envy, from the desire to be like others, to belong and to emulate, in a society that seeks “uniformity of difference”.
  • Gluttony, from the desire to consume, as per modern-day Capitalism dictates.
  • Greed, from the desire to own, to have and to keep, to become “rich”, as is the life-goal for most people nowadays.
  • Lust, from the desire for earthly pleasures, in societies that either glorify it or seek to suppress it at all costs.
  • Sloth, from the desire to be calm, in an ever moving, ever aggressive society.
  • Vanity, from the desire to like oneself, in a world of “perfect” images of the “perfect lifestyle” that other people have.
  • Wrath, from the desire to (violently) defend oneself, especially true in, both the physically and the psychologically, suppressive societies.
All people involved (other than myself):

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The Seven Deadly Sins Gallery

Location, Year: SpirosK photography Studio, 2018