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Post-Apocalyptic: The Gang Of Three

This photoshoot tells the imaginary story of a gang of 3 in a post-apocalyptic world.
John is the leader of this post-apocalyptic 3-people group. He has a love for all things fire-related, which materialized when he found fire-performance accessories during a raid on an old mall. He prefers wearing various accessories to visually enhance his position as the leader of the group.
Joanna is the infiltrator" of the group. She is also the most well-versed in the lore of the "world before" (as it is called), as she is the one who reads the most in the group. Lately, she is having John teach her the basics of playing with fire.
Mihail is the "brawler"/muscles of this post-apocalyptic 3-people group. Mostly concerned with keeping his body in the best shape possible and smashing enemies' heads, he exercises a lot and always wears an old skeleton smile mask in order to look even more intimidating. It's unknown why he chose to follow John, but he has proven to be a great and dedicated ally.