Human Products

You can see more of this series at: Lens Culture The "Human Products" series is inspired by and expanding upon the Barcode Art of Scott Blake. In that regard it is a "meta-art" project.

It concerns our functionality in modern society as Human Products that have to "sell themselves" to others as good as possible in order to survive, as well as the obsession with plastic/flawless beauty that turns people into more attractive and thus more easily "sold", products (I have opted to use the term "Modoll" for this aspect of the project, a cross of "Model" and "Doll").

The project was originally conceived as a self-portrait by me and then was further expanded with the creative involvement of Irene Astral and the help of the models Agapi and Danai.
The third part of the project took a fantasy twist, as we explored the "Modolls" concept a bit more, with a 3-part photo-story of a Modoll gaining self-esteem and trying to escape.

As part of this, there is also a small time-lapse (or stop-motion) video available, titled "Modoll: the escape" which you can see below.