Everyday Cosplay

This is one of those projects, that take off from an existing idea and transform into something completely different along the way. The starting idea was Klaus Pichler's Just the two of us, which is an amazing photographic project, (though there are more projects like this, this is the one that I happened to see), but focuses mostly on monochromatic, full-body costumes.
I felt that the human element was missing: Who are these people? What do they do? How does cosplay fit into their lives?
Especially in my country, cosplayers are vastly misunderstood and sometimes even frowned upon or worse. Knowing, from my many years of experience as one of the few cosplay photographers in Greece, that cosplayers are indeed "everyday people" with jobs, studies, worries, just like anyone else really, and that they are not "no-gooders who idle around making fancy costumes" (as often told) I decided on making this project happen.

The parameters/constraints which I set myself for shooting this project are the following:
  • The photo has to be taken during the cosplayer's daily routine, be it at home or at work. Most of the times I will just sit/stand somewhere while the cosplayer goes on with the daily activities and take the shots. Some staged photos are introduced to make the cosplayer feel more comfortable, but the final form of the project will only contain non-staged photos.
  • I will give preference to costumes where the cosplayer's face will be visible (from the available costumes of each one).
  • The photo has to be taken with natural light only. No external flash or LED light has to be used. Even if that means that sometimes light might be tungsten, other times sunlight, or even candles, etc. I put authenticity over a uniform look and feel, as the people's circumstances and surroundings are different as well.
  • The cosplayer that takes part has to submit answers to a few questions about his/her life, in order to have a small biographical text accompanying the photos.

The Project's Final Form

The final form of my project (so far) consists of one photo of each cosplayer, taken at a time where he/she was really into what he/she was doing. You can see it below. Please note that the description beneath the images is an essential part of the project.

Selected photos from the project