Cosplay Composites

In these three galleries you can find 3 kind of Photography Augmentation which I regularly apply to cosplay photos. The first one is the simplest and it's just Visual FX (spells, fire, etc). These usually add supernatural element to the photos without altering it significantly. Of course, simple as they seem, the work that goes into them can be quite complicated. The next one is what I call "Augmentation Reality" Editing. AR-Editing refers to editing that changes a significant part of the photo, usually adding ambient lights, objects and cleaning up walls, on top of various Visual FX. This is my favourite kind of editing and it's very useful when one wants to make an image for improbable circumstances but not impossible (e.g. natural disasters) or magic worlds. The final is the kind of photos that result from shooting in a studio with grey background paper, or from isolating the subject and putting into another environment. These are Full Composites. Usually the environment for this photo is completely constructed from scratch, by using various elements, stock photos/3D objects.
All these photos can be found in the various Cosplay Galleries, but here they are presented half-in-half with the original photo (using various cuts), in order to showcase the changes done.